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Because your Dog's Safety is our #1 concern 


All pets are required to complete a social evaluation before attending. During this evaluation we can determine if group boarding is appropriate for your dog. All interviews and evaluations are by appointment only. Your pet will spend most the day with us. We require a morning drop off and pick up at 2:00 or 2:30. During their pickup we will give you a facility tour. There is a daycare fee with assessements. 


All of the following health requirements must be met prior to entering our facility:

  • Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination If given the live or Nasal Vaccine, or it is the first time receiving we require a 10 day waiting period before attending  

  • DHPP/DAPP vaccination

  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate

  • Canine Influenza (H3N8 and H3N2) vaccine 

  • All Dogs must be on a flea medication deemed appropriate by your vet.

  • Vaccines for Leptospirosis or Lyme's is based on your lifestyle. We highly encourage these if your dog is active in the outdoors. Since we are a country setting we do recommend it. 


With current vet recommendations for later neutering/spaying we apply an Intact policy that supports the health of your pet but also keeps a safe environment here at TMCR. Intact dogs emit different pheromones and this can effect the group dynamic. Often times it is not the intact dog who is the aggressor but the victim. Most facilities do not take any intacts but we find with management we can accommodate them based on our guidelines. Keep in mind some dogs mature out of social settings at an earlier age.


Intact males will only be allowed to play with spayed females or other intact males. We cannot guarantee that we will have the appropriate guest and this could mean your dog would not be allowed in social play. We are only able to accommodate a limited number and each dog is evaluated on a case by case basis. We may have to refuse your dog if our intact capacity has been met. We require all dogs to be neutered by 1 year in order to attend daycare. We also ask that you inform us on your neuter timeline.

Intact Females will be allowed to attend daycare and will not be allowed to play with any intact males. They cannot attend if they are in heat and will be asked to immediately leave should they come into heat while here. We ask that you inform us on your spay timeline.


Adult Intact males can board but there will be an additional $10 per day fee and is based on availability. Adult males will have personal play and group play will be determined on a case to case basis. Intact females can board but should they come into heat during their stay there will be a $100 charge.


  • To help eliminate intestinal distress we ask that you please provide all food items for your dog's stay. House food is $2 a meal.

  • Feel free to bring a special scent reminder for your dog. A favorite toy or a small piece of your own clothing can be placed in your pet's sleeping area. We have everything else they need for their stay.

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