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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is social boarding? 

We believe as family animals dogs enjoy the company of other dogs. So we don't isolate our guests into individual kennel runs. Each guest shares a larger community space with 2-4 dogs of similar age, size and play style. If your pup does not enjoy other dogs then we are not the right style of boarding for your dog. 

Why do you only do boarding?

We want to provide our guests with a calm environment where the dogs are tired from activity not from the stress of having to adjust to changing dynamics of new dogs everyday. We strive to provide a vacation like environment for them. Our goal is to provide one service to the utmost degree of quality and care. 

What is the daily schedule?

7:00 -9:00 am Play time in the yards

9:00-10:00 am- Breakfast

10:00-4:00 pm Playtime in the yards

12:00- Lunch for guests who need it 

4:00-6:00 pm-During pick ups guests are moved to their inside communities where they can continue play with their Camp mates. 

6:00-7:00 pm Dinner

7:00-9:00 pm-Inside community play

9:00 pm-Evening tuck ins begun. 

Do you do enforced nap time? 

No our guests are allowed to have as much free time as they want. We only enforce a nap if we notice a dog is overexerting themselves in play or are overstimulated. Typically most our guests take a nap midday by themselves. With spacious play yards and access to beds inside they can easily find a spot to take a siesta. 

Are the dogs unsupervised in the play yards? 

No we have no less than 2 kennel assistants in the play yard at all times. They are never left unattended. 

How do the dogs sleep at night?

At night if our guest is crate trained they will be provided a crate with bedding. If they are not crate trained they will be provided a soft or cot bed and blankets. Any guest sleeping out of a crate will only be allowed to sleep out with other dogs in their family. We do not allow nonfamilial dogs to sleep together at night.

Can my dogs sleep together?

Yes! If dogs are of the same family we can accommodate them sleeping in a bed together. 

Can I bring my puppy?

Puppies under 6 months of age have an underdeveloped immune system so we don't take puppies under 6 months old.

Is the kennel temperature controlled?

Yes! We have a heating system to keep them cozy and a cooling unit for our hotter days. 

Can you give my dog medications?

We give all medications with the exception of injections. Guests with medical needs outside of simple medications may require medical boarding. We have two vet techs on staff for more intricate needs.

Do you do grooming?

We offer baths and nail trims and for guests who stay 3 nights or longer they receive them complimentary. 

Do I have to pay extra for care?

We do not charge extra for unlimited play, snuggles, medication or food prep. We do have some fees for medical boarding and intact males. 

Can I bring my own food?

We ask all guest bring their own food so not to cause gastrointestinal upset. We have freezers, refrigerators and microwaves so we accept all types of food. If you forget your food we offer a high quality food for a small fee. 

Do I need to bring a blanket, bed or jacket? 

We have all the bedding and jackets your pup could ever need. We discourage these items as they are at risk of being damaged since we do social boarding. 

What is your Dog to handler ratio?

We have 10 or less dogs per handler 

Do kennel assistants give the dogs affection? 

Absolutely! That is the best part! We love to give cuddles, belly rubs and ear scratches. 

Do the big and small dogs play together? 

We only allow guests to be with similar sized guests unless it is their family member. 

Do you take all Dog Breeds?

Yes, we allow guest based on their demeanor not their breed. 

Does someone sleep overnight with the Dogs? 

No our evening Kennel Assistant leaves after 9:00 pm tuck ins but the owners live on the property and have a camera to monitor the kennel during bedtime. Our guests find a lot of comfort sharing the community with their camp mates. 

Can my dog play if its raining/hot/cold? 

We let all of our guest's continue to play as long as the weather is not harmful for their health. On rainy days we will play as long as it is not cold or storming. Hot days we do not allow outdoor play over 90 degrees and under 35 degrees. Everything in between we offer pools, misters, warm jackets and at all guests have access to come inside for the heater or cooling unit as they please. We take extra care to make sure no dog is over doing themselves as some breeds are not as weather tolerant. 

Can my Dog have toys? 

Unfortunately since we are a social boarding facility we do not allow toys or individual treats as this can cause a disagreement between guests. But don't worry we have pools, play structures, jolly balls, dig zones and plenty of playmates. Not to mention all of the enjoyment the country brings. 

What time can I pick up or drop off my pup?

Our guests are Welcome to come during our AM or Pm drop  off times. We ideally like them to come in the morning so we can get them comfortable with their camp mates and let them have a day of play. 

Like a hotel, all guests must be picked up my the morning window time frame or they will be charged a daycare fee. 

What happens if my dog needs vet care? 

If it is not a life threatening medical emergency we will ask you to contact your vet and make an appointment. We will transport your pup to their vet. If it is an emergency or your vet cannot accommodate in a timely manner we will go to Redwood Emergency or VIP in Rohnert Park. 

In addition all of our employees are First Aid and CPR certified for dogs and we have two vet techs on staff. 

What are the risks of social boarding? 

Risks of social boarding are scrapes or scratches from play, a possible disagreement resulting in a bite and exposure to contagions. We do our best to assure none of these happen and this is why we require assessments before any guests stays with us. If any guests shows sign of illness they will be isolated to a separate building and won't be able to stay. 


What surfaces are at TMCR? 

There are only a handful of surface allowed by the County of Sonoma for kennels. We have chosen pea gravel as it is kind on the joints and we can disinfect and clean it easily. If your pup is only used to carpets and grass they can develop sore paws from the gravel. Much like a scraped knee at a playground. At that point we will move your pup to one of our dirt yards. 

Why don't you have grass at TMCR? 

For a very short time of the year two of our play yards have grass. But that is when they are mud and there are no dogs on them. We like to say if you see a beautiful lawn then there are no dogs on that grass.

Of course we love to see the greenery that artificial grass provides but we want to provide our guests the enjoyment that nature provides. And you can't dig a hole in fake grass.

How is TMCR prepared for an Emergency?

We are fortunate not to be in what is considered a high fire zone since we are surrounded by wetlands but that is no excuse to be unprepared. We have a trailer and truck so we can evacuate all of our guests. We cap our guest occupancy to a number we feel we can safely evacuate. We provide a crate for every dog with their name so we can evacuate quickly and orderly. We have a 2700 gallon water tank on our property. We have several exit routes and several other facilities we can evacuate to. We trim our trees yearly and graze our property. We have a fire break mowed between us and the neighboring grasslands. We do like to point out that our kennel is metal and surrounded by pea gravel which also prevents fire spread. We rarely lose power as we are on the same grid as the Bellevue PGE grid but we are moving forward with Solar this year. 

Why is it important to choose a Permitted, Licensed and Insured Kennel?

One thing most people don't know is that in order to be a boarding facility We must pass a rigorous permitting process through the County and We are evaluated every year for our licensing. This is important because it means we are held to a high standard to provide a safe, healthy and professional environment for our guests. This means we are providing the proper equipment, infection control and protocols that it takes to give our guests what they deserve! Kennels who are not operating legally, home boarders and house sitters are not held to these standards.  

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